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10 Best Toy Gift Ideas For Children on Christmas

The month of December comes rolling around, the snowfall starts and everyone’s houses are decorated with blinding lights and snowmen for the festive season.

Everything is jolly but there’s one problem for every parent in this situation;

“What do I get my children for Christmas this year?”

Oftentimes it’s hard as a parent to decide or try to guess what your child would enjoy or like as a gift for this special holiday, but worry not!

We’re here to tell you exactly what the trendy new things are that every child would love to be surprised with!

In this article, we will take you through the Top Ten Gift Ideas for Children on Christmas!

1: Remote-controlled car

No child is ever too old or too young to have a remote-controlled car. It is a classic gift for children of all ages and for a good reason too!

A good remote-controlled car will provide constant joy for your little ones and keep them distracted for a long time.

The best thing about these toys is that they are relatively inexpensive due to the big supply of them in all the toy shops.

Here’s a few good options to pick from to give your child an RC car they’ll love.

2. Remote-controlled dinosaur toy

We all had that fascination with prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs when we were children ourselves. It is no question why kids would enjoy a toy like this, especially boys! Of course, you can buy it for your daughters as well, after all, the fun does not discriminate.

It’s perfect for those little dinosaur nerds that we all have met, and it’ll inspire them to keep learning more about these creatures.

3. Remote-Controlled Boat

This list is heavy on remote-controlled toys, but that’s only because of how popular they are with children worldwide. Any remote-controlled toy is bound to make your kids happy.

The remote-controlled boat is of course not as commonplace as the RC cars, but it is equally as fun to play with, if not more!

It also comes at very reasonable prices and all you need to use this is a pool of water. That shouldn’t be too hard to find!

When Christmas is over and the season turns to summer, this will be the perfect toy for children to bring with them when they go for a swim!

Here are some options to pick from for your little ones:

RC boat toy

4. Kids’ Digital Camera

This gift is more towards the expensive side for those of you on a higher budget. A kid’s digital instant print camera is the perfect thing for the artists and photographers of the future to help them find their talent or passion.

This toy is especially true for those of you who want something to keep your daughters busy.

It’s also long-lasting if taken properly care of.

Kids Digital camera

5. Star Night Projector

If you need something for the younger kids to keep them busy and help them fall asleep with ease on their bedtime, this is the perfect toy for you! Use the starlight projectors to light up your child’s room in a more interesting way and keep them busy counting the stars.

This is a toy for both girls and boys.

Night Projector

6. Toy Guns

This is another classic toy that is loved by children around the world. You can probably find one right now in your nearest store.

There’s no denying that most young boys are fascinated by military-related things, this is the perfect toy to let them use their imagination and be a soldier.

Toy Gun with foam bullets

7. Frisbees

If you want to buy your children something simple to encourage outdoor activity then this is the pick for you.

You might wonder if your children will be content with something as simple as a Frisbee for a Christmas gift.

Well, there are many different types. So, if a simple one doesn’t work, then just get an electronic one!

Electronic frisbee

8. Air Rocket

Although quite an unconventional gift, an air Rocket toy is the perfect thing to get your children to have some real outdoor fun.

They can use their imagination to have their own little space mission and launch their astronaut into the sky! It is an affordable and easy-to-use toy.

Air rocket

9. Doll House

This is one for the daughters out there. It is a toy that’s been around for decades upon decades and has managed to stay just as relevant as it was when it was first created.

It’s a great toy because it has no moving parts and thus will last for a very long time. It’s a one-time investment and it’s almost always worth it!

Doll Houses are excellent for enhancing the creativity of your young daughters and can keep the engaged for hours at a stretch.

10. Bicycle

In this day and age, bicycles are not just for fun, they’ve become essential for young children to be able to get to places on time and move with ease.

It also gives them a reason to go outside and to work out while having fun. The prices for bicycles vary a lot, but you can be sure that once you buy one, it will last at least a few years.


Now that you have a good idea of what your child might like for their Christmas present, you will be able to perfectly pick out the one that suits them the most! Make sure that they enjoy this jolly season with the best toy they could ask for.

We hope you like our list of 10 Best Gift Ideas for Children on Christmas!

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