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How to Deal With Drones Failure to Take Off

Drones are all the rage. It can be fun trying to fly the drone to take pictures or videos. There are even racing drone events that you can have too. But while these events can be fun, it is nerve-wracking whenever the drone refuses to take off, even when it was working perfectly fine the day before. In […]

Best Remote Control Car That Turns Into a Boat

Why not have an RC car that can turn into a boat? Having a real-time transformation will be cool to watch, right? If you are looking for the same excitement as us, then you should take a look at the video below. Yes! There is just the perfect RC car that allows you to traverse […]

Remote Control Car That Can Be Driven on the Beach

If you go to the beach frequently then you know how amazing it feels to play with an RC car on sand. But not every RC car is appropriate for playing on beach or sand. And this is really because of the possibility of the Remote Control Car getting stuck in the sand dunes. So […]

What the Kids Toys Trend to Be?

We live in a high technology world. Compared with one hundred years before, we can see that all the hi-tech make us enjoy our lives. We free our hands and mind, and we have more time on thinking. We are not labour any more, and we are all designers for our diary work. The hi-tech […]

Do You Know the Remote Control Toys Are Not Just Toys!

Toys are always directed to kids. Adults will think that toys are naive. If an adult plays toys always, all people will reconsider him/her as a childish people. But honestly, the toys changed a lot. They are not just for child, and most of them attract adults. For example, the remote control toys are the […]

Three key reasons to make me suck in the Remote Control Dinosaur!

Do you really try the kids toys before? Do you know that the kids toys are full of fun and technology in these years. Before we always think think that toys are just for kids, and the toys are childish, low-quality, and not suitable for adults. However the toys below will break out your premier […]

What should the future camera be?

Instant Print Camera is a kind of machine to record all people’s lives. We can see the pure smile and happiness on each picture. And even now, a lot of old pictures carried many periods of histories. Also the cameras, especially the old versions, are expensive, because they are not obsolete but brand new technology […]

What is the standard for an off road racing car?

The remote control car is the brand new version in toy cars. In the 20th century,the RC car was existed. The car and controller were connected by antenna. The material for the car was mostly plastics. We already saw the remote control car version in a movie, Home Alone. The car is easy to be […]

Remote Control Robots for Kids

As children, we were all fascinated by remote-controlled toys. Pressing buttons on that remote and watching the toys move felt almost like magic to our innocent eyes as young kids. In this article, we will specifically talk about remote control robots for kids! Unlike remote-controlled cars or boats, these are humanoid and also more complex to […]

Best RC Cars & RC truck for 2022

Regular RC cars can be fun for kids, however, when it comes to rock crawlers, it opens up your little one’s world to a host of new adventures and possibilities. This is because remote control rock crawlers are specifically designed for harsh off-road terrain. So, if you were interested to learn more about what the […]

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