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What the Kids Toys Trend to Be?

We live in a high technology world. Compared with one hundred years before, we can see that all the hi-tech make us enjoy our lives. We free our hands and mind, and we have more time on thinking. We are not labour any more, and we are all designers for our diary work. The hi-tech mode spread quickly, and it sucked in our detail projects. I can say a lot of people can not hold all the hi-tech, because it developed too fast. It looks like it has its own mind. And now, we talked about the kids toys nowadays. What the kids toys trend to be?

Traditional kids toys

  1. A doll or a pussy fake animal is the traditional kids toys key mode. Kids played them and pretended it is alive. It is funny of course, but no life. That is why kids play them for a short time, and when they grew up, they will get rid of these toys. For them, these toys are too naive and childish.
  2. After that, traditional kids toys changed. These toys are more flexible to change. For example, the doll can have many different dresses. The animals have batteries and they own sound. The bricks can be built as a castle or a fortress. It modified a lot, but you have to sit there and use your hand to make it.

The present kids toys

  1. The present toys are more alive. Such as Remote Control Dinosaur, It can roar, move or bright its LED eyes. The functions are abundant. It looks like a real dinosaur. Kids are mad with it, when it is running in the room. And kids can learn how the dinosaur roar or walk before. That is combination of toys and knowledge.
  2. More green materials. We used inferior plastics to make toys before. Toys are not so important at all, so we don’t need to use the hi-quality materials. But the remote control dinosaur is made of sturdy, non-toxic recyclable ABS plastic. As you known, it is the material that already passed the U.S. Toy CPSIA and ASTM F963-11 tests. It is totally no poisonous smell and it can make more smooth surface without any sharp edges or corners. Design and material focus on kids’ safe!

The future kids toys

  1. It will be not only a toy, but also a friend. Hi-tech shocked us in these years. AI is the key that a lot of scientists work for. To simulate kids’ thinking and actions and give kids their feedback is the most important aspect that scientists are interested in. That is we call, AI.
  2. AI is not the end. Whatever from novels or movies, we can see AI is mostly like a real people. So they will be possible to become kids’ maids. The movie, I Robot, talked about the story between people and robots. The robots are working for us. And it will be the future toys version.

The future kids toys trend to be more AI, more funny and more sweet for kids.

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