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Three key reasons to make me suck in the Remote Control Dinosaur!

Do you really try the kids toys before? Do you know that the kids toys are full of fun and technology in these years. Before we always think think that toys are just for kids, and the toys are childish, low-quality, and not suitable for adults. However the toys below will break out your premier thinking, and tells you adults can play the kids toys and may suck in the fun of playing the kids toys. There are three reasons to make me feel happy to play the Remote Control Dinosaur with my kids.

High-Quality Materials

1, ABS surface

As you known, ABS is the more firm and recyclable materials and non-poisonous. The materials passed the American CPSIA and ASTM F963-11 test. It has not sharp corners and smooth on surface. It is very safe for kids.

2, Durable and changeable battery

Most remote toys use one-time batteries. As a design, it is easy for factory to make the toys, but Remote Control Dinosaur is different. It uses both 2X1.5AA batteries and built-in 3.7V 1200mah rechargeable lithium battery. If you want try the toy, you can use USB to full the rechargeable battery. If you want more fun, you can change to 2X1.5AA batteries.

Alive Dinosaur Toys

1, Vivid appearance

3D eyes, delicate scales, simulated horns, teeth and each actions all show the dinosaur’s reality. You can use remote control to make the toys walk, because the toy dinosaur has flexible joints and wheels. If you choose Pterosaurs, you can use control to make it fly. When the toys moved, the kids would be happier.

2, Simulated roar

As a dinosaur, especially T-Rex, the roar is its mark to show its position in the dinosaur world. The toy dinosaur before lacked of the roaring, so the toy is funny but not so real. And now Remote Control Dinosaur is more and more alive, not just from appearance, but from its sound. That makes the toy more and more remarkable.

3, Easy control

There is no any button on the toy, and all the remote keys are on the control. When you use the controller, the dinosaur can move as what you want. Go front, turn back, LED light and roaring! All the actions can be controlled, it makes all kids feel full of domination.

Toys are gifts, but not just gifts. That doesn’t mean toys cannot have full of technology. All the new investments comes from toys. Before the plane finally was used in transporting people, the brother Bright designed it as a toy plane. If not the toy, we may pay more money to built the plane. That is a waste. We can say the toys is the sign of developing technology. Remote Control Dinosaur is not very expensive, but it can satisfy kids, and it can inspire kids’ imagination. The more detailed dinosaur toys you can display, the more knowledge kids can learn from. It leads kids to get the new vision of the future world. Such as me, an adult, can suck in the toy dinosaur, so you may try it!

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