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What is the standard for an off road racing car?

The remote control car is the brand new version in toy cars.

In the 20th century,the RC car was existed. The car and controller were connected by antenna. The material for the car was mostly plastics. We already saw the remote control car version in a movie, Home Alone. The car is easy to be crashed. However, don’t forget! That was the best remote control car in 20th century.

In recent years, many toy manufacturers promote the remote control car in its material, shape, function and fashion. Frankly, when the Bluetooth, NFC and Network appeared, the remote control car developed quickly. It is not just a child toy anymore, but also an adult toy. Even a lot of people try to modify the RC cars to compete with the fanatics of remote cars. Thus, the following off road racing car might be these people’s fancy.

The RC car is called as Dawdix 1:14 Scale All Terrain 4WD 2.4 GHz Off Road High Speed RC Truck Racing Car. The reason why I like to introduce it is this remote control car is the standard for the off road racing cars! Let describe the standard.

The first key is the environmental protection materials. Compare with the plastics, the new material is more firm and recycle. That is totally fit for the new material principle. The material is called as high quality PVC.

The second remarkable point is the design. The front and rear wheels are set up with enhanced 260-strong magnetic motors.Two rechargeable batteries can keep its high speed for almost 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry about out of power. The LED light is equipped on the front of the car, and it can guarantee that you can see any obstacles in the road whatever in the day time or night. The independent suspension and reinforced truck chassis design and the four ties and wheels designed by independent spring shock absorption, which can alleviate bumpy roads on rough roads. You can pass all rough or rocky road, and keep you in the first lap.

The final advantage of the car is speed. As you known, a racing car in competition, speed is more important. When it speeds up to 20KM/H, it is still stable. The 2.4Ghz anti-jamming technology can avoid that the signal will be interrupted while more remote control cars in competition. We always see many racing cars will crashed in together. That is because the control signal interaction. And the Dawdix 1:14 Scale All Terrain 4WD 2.4 GHz Off Road High Speed RC Truck Racing Car perfectly avert a car accident. 

This car is popular because of its high quality design and material. In future, the RC car will be developed in the above aspects. Of course, these years, new scientific technology such as network and VR appeared, and it affected the new toy versions. It made all the toy more hi-fi and more flexible to close to users’ sense of experience without limit. We are looking forward to the continuous updated RC cars!

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