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Dawdix is more than just a brand offering remote-control toys, it’s an emotion that connects you with your past by enabling you to spend quality time with your loved ones and sharing joy. People of all ages want to have fun, especially with their children (who tend to grow up before you even know it!). Dawdix represents that special bond you share with your children. In fact, the idea of launching Dawdix in 2021 came into being when I decided to share the joy and pleasure I get when having a fun time with my kids maneuvering the miniature versions of our favorite cars, dinosaurs, and much more.   

Kids’ love for remote-control toys is ever growing (a fact that holds true for many adults as well) and finding the perfect toy for your kids can be a challenge if you are new to the world of these miniature items. Dawdix simplifies this entire experience for you by helping you choose the right remote-control toy that brings a wide smile to your kid’s face, an expression worthy of every penny a parent spends on these toys.

So when you choose to shop with Dawdix, rest assured, you are choosing the very best for your kids, I say this with much conviction because I’m myself a father who cherishes these moments and knows the true value of the quality time spent with family.  More than that, kids just love the thrill and excitement of these toys, it gives people a chance to manifest their desire of being a daredevil offroad driver or a formula one racer by enjoying the adrenaline rush while skillfully maneuvering and controlling these miniature versions!  

Some of the spectacular features these remote-control toys by Dawdix offer include durability, high quality, speed, and sleek designs that compel your children to adore you even more as a parent.

Moreover, if you are a creative being and want to challenge yourself with quieter pursuits or flex your brain, we have a wide collection of carefully assorted DIY toys ranging from simple to intricate. Share the everlasting precious moments of happiness with your loved ones through Dawdix, after all, this is the true spirit of this brand and all that it stands for.


Dawdix envisions being the household brand offering top-notch quality remote-control toys across North America and the world.

Mission Statement

Dawdix aims to capture the market for specialized remote-control toys in the next decade by offering high-quality, durable, and a variety of toys under its umbrella to grow its market capitalization and provide value to families choosing this brand for making their kids happy!


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