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Finding the Right RC Boat for Kids


  1. Determining the Right Size and Style of RC Boat for Your Kids
  2. Choosing Between Electric and Gas-Powered RC Boats
  3. Finding the Best RC Boats for Different Types of Water and Weather
  4. Considering Additional Features and Accessories for Your RC Boat

Like most people, you kids probably have a few different RC boat preferences regarding horsepower, price range, and style. But which one should we buy? This article will help you find the right RC boat for your kid’s need by breaking down each preference and providing some recommendations.

Determining the Right Size and Style of RC Boat for Your Kids

Is your kid a beginner?

If so, we recommend that he/she start with a smaller boat. If they’re experienced and want to try something bigger, look for a boat in the 10-12 foot range. Larger boats can be more challenging to control and may be too much for your first experience.

Ask your kid for his/her specific needs:

Do you want an all-around boat or just a racing boat? Do you want a longboat or a shorter one? Do you want a single engine or an electric motor?

Once you have answered these questions, click on the appropriate link below to find the perfect RC boat for your needs!

If you are just starting, we recommend getting an easy-to-use beginner’s model, such as the RTR mini Seawalker from Traxxas. This model is small (10 feet), easy to control, has a low center of gravity, making it stable, and comes with everything needed, including a charger and instructions.

For those looking for an all-around recreational boat, we recommend considering either the Radio Controlled Kingfisher 12ft from Traxxas or the E-Maxx 8CH radio-controlled boat from Horizon. Both of these models are long (36 inches), allowing them to cover more water while still being manageable for beginners. They both come with high-quality sealed electronics and powerful motors that make them fast and fun to ride. Plus, they both have a durable construction that can handle many crashes and bumps along the way.

Choosing Between Electric and Gas-Powered RC Boats

Electric and gas-powered RC boats offer a wide range of features and capabilities, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Here are some tips to help you choose:


The first thing to consider is how much power you need. Electric RC boats typically offer more power than gas-powered models but can also be more expensive. A gas-powered boat may be a better option if you just want an easy toy you can take out on the water occasionally. However, if you plan on using your RC boat for serious racing or fishing, an electric model will give you the necessary speed and versatility.


Another factor to consider is how fast your boat needs to go. Electric RC boats typically have faster speeds than gas-powered models. However, a gas-powered model may be a better choice if you’re looking for a faster boat that’s also easier to control. Some electric boats also have slower speeds that are perfect for beginners.


Electric RC boats are good for open water because they don’t require real preparation or maintenance before use. On the other hand, gas-powered RC boats are usually better suited for indoor use because they have powerful motors that allow them to maneuver well in tight spaces and around obstacles. A gas-powered boat may be better if you frequently encounter uneven surfaces or obstacles in your aquatic adventures.


Electric boats typically come with more accessories than gas-powered boats. This includes docks and chargers, which make them easier to use and store. Gas-powered RC boats usually don’t have as many accessories, but they’re usually more powerful and durable.

Finding the Best RC Boats for Different Types of Water and Weather

Here are some of the best RC boats for different types of water and weather:

The best option for freshwater is the Teton Valley R/C Boat by Horizon Hobby. This boat is designed specifically for freshwater use and is built with quality materials that make it durable and stable. Its design makes it easy to control and speeds up quickly when needed.

If you’re looking for an RC boat designed for speed and excitement, the ReadyToFly E-Flite Sbach 560cc is an excellent choice. This boat can reach up to 50 mph speeds and features a durable design that makes it easy to control. Plus, its sleek design and racing style make it a fan favourite.

Finally, if you’re looking for an all-in-one boat that can handle freshwater and saltwater conditions, the Airtronics Albatross 4×4 is an excellent option. This boat is designed with quality materials and features tough construction that makes it capable of handling whatever terrain comes your way. Plus, its 4×4 drive system gives it ample power when needed most.

Considering Additional Features and Accessories for Your RC Boat

If you’re looking to buy a new RC boat, there are a few things to consider. Here are a few additional features and accessories that may be helpful in finding the right boat for your needs and preferences.

  1. Size and Weight: Size is an important consideration when choosing a boat. Make sure you find one that will fit comfortably in your living room or garage. Other important factors to consider when selecting a boat size include the vessel’s storage capacity (particularly if you plan on storing any extra gear onboard) and weight. Some boats are much heavier than others, so be prepared to factor that into your decision-making process.
  2. Speed and Range: Another important consideration is speed and range. Make sure you know what kind of speeds and ranges your chosen boat can achieve before making your purchase. Many RC boats come with built-in gyroscopes and motors that enable them to reach high speeds relatively easily; however, some users may want more range or power for longer offshore adventures or expeditions. In this case, it may be worth considering purchasing an upgrade kit or adding an external motor/propane tank for greater range or power.
  3. Construction: When choosing an RC boat, it’s also important to consider the vessel’s construction. Boat builders have developed several different materials and construction methods over the years, so choosing one that suits your needs and preferences as closely as possible is important. Some popular construction methods include fibreglass, aluminum, and wood.
  4. Accessories: Finally, consider any additional accessories that may be needed to use your RC boat effectively. This might include a transmitter and receiver, batteries, a charger, and even a steering system if you plan on using your boat outdoors.

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